See your Windows documentation for instructions. In the event service is required for the Product during the limited warranty period, Canon USA offers two hardware support options: The measurement used in describing the number of lines that will print within one vertical inch. Selecting paper Setting the paper thickness lever Summary of printer settings for various print media Automatically loading paper Manually feeding paper Printing on envelopes U sing Canon specialty papers To ensure the best performance of your printer, you’ll want to select the best paper and load it correctly. You can follow the steps illustrated on this card to start printing in minutes.

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This paper is great when you want high-quality color output to produce winning reports and eye-catching graphics. U se only one software program at a time and unload any screen- saving utilities or programs stored in Canon bjc 4550 background; this frees up more memory for W indows processing.

This page requires Javascript. Before starting, make sure the printer’s power is on.

Canon BJC-4550 User Manual

View All Video Canon bjc 4550. Bbjc Error Diffusion Color Dalance: A BJ cartridge removed from the printer must be stored inside this BJ cartridge container to prevent the print head of the cartridge from drying and clogging.

You see this tab when you open the Properties canon bjc 4550 box from the Printers folder, not from within a Windows application. Keep up to date on all latest product information.

Canon BJC Specs – CNET

Clean away smudges and dust. H igher resolution means smoother curves and angles as well as canon bjc 4550 better match to traditional typeface designs. Output quality is draft. If you are printing in an application outside Windows, your software application or printer driver must support mirror image printing in order to use Back Print Film or T-Shirt Bnc. Accessing the Printing Options You can access the printing options from the Printers canon bjc 4550 box in the Control Panel, or you can select the Print Setup option available from the File menu of most applications that run in W indows.

Save your sales receipt for proof of purchase. Your printer is now ready to be shared with others on the network that are using QuickDraw GX. You can use this service to get helpful documents faxed directly to your fax machine.

The complete drying time canon bjc 4550 for Canon’s transparencies or back print film is approximately 15 minutes. If you unplug the printer while it is printing or if you turn off a power strip to which the printer is connectedor if you manually move the cartridge holder from the home position, the Canon bjc 4550 cartridge will not be capped and it may dry out.

canon bjc 4550 If this equipment does cause harmful interference canon bjc 4550 radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Your printer and the software media included with your printer have been sold to you subject to the limited warranties set forth in the warranty card and license agreement enclosed with the respective product.

RGB An acronym for Red, Green, and Blue; the three primary colors used in the additive process to form a wide spectrum of colors. The printer will automatically load the paper into position.

Do not use an angled printer stand. Print head The printing mechanism that contains print nozzles and canon bjc 4550 the ink for printing.

In the Custom Settings dialog box, choose Diffusion only when printing final output cwnon photographic images. In the event that your printer needs service, you will need your proof of purchase to obtain warranty service.

Canon BJC4550

Intensity The amount of color. To install your download click on the name of the canon bjc 4550 file.

This may cause the paper to misfeed or jam. Dedicated contact numbers for CPS members only. W hen you choose the Print command later for a new document, these settings are automatically selected.

Canon BJC TriColor Ink Cartridge – Pages – QuikShip Toner

It is a good idea to unplug the power cord also. Xyy Do not attempt to move the cartridge holder manually. Color Balance Adjust the color hue of the printout.