However, if you want you are able to run the screen outside of this resolution. Valid until 31st October There was very little leakage from the backlight unit here which was pleasing. We have plotted the luminance trend on the graph above. The bezel is a thin and attractive at 17mm wide along all sides. Black depth was still good at 0.

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It was pleasing to see Dell have stuck with an e-IPS panel and the decent feature and function set of the dell u2312hm monitor model UH has been retained.

Rear dell u2312hm monitor of the screen. Once selected you are monotor with dell u2312hm monitor range of options ranging from 10,k to k, depending on how cool or warm you want your white point to be. There is a round Dell logo at the top. Colour accuracy was also improved nicely with dE average now only 0.

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This was close, but the UHM did perform slightly better I felt. Very low input lag, basically no lag at all. We know this to be true as we have already dell u2312hm monitor at the OD function available in the factory menu.

However, the feature can work, but only in the most unrealistic and extreme circumstances. Watching the OSD menus energy bar also allowed you dell u2312hm monitor see what was being changed and it remained static throughout. The UHM is marketed on their website with the following summary description: Introduction It’s pretty much an annual occurrence nowadays when Dell refresh their very popular UltraSharp series of screens.

The screen would never live up to its 2 million: We measured the colour temperature of the screen with the X-rite i1 Delll spectrophotometer in each of the preset modes to establish how accurate the settings actually were. That is a little difficult to explain dell u2312hm monitor hopefully makes sense. The personalize section allows you to change the quick launch keys if you wish.

Dell UHM Review – TFTCentral

There was very little leakage from the backlight unit here moitor was pleasing. Taking everything into consideration the UHM does just seem to be a pretty even replacement for the UH. I n fact it would be then tending towards infinity: Testing the screen with various colour gradients showed fairly smooth transitions with some slight gradation in darker tones being evident.

There is no A-TW polarizer on this panel which is rarely used now in the market but was dell u2312hm monitor on some older screens to improve the off centre dell u2312hm monitor viewing.

It is only really apparent on darker content.

Lowest luminance setting is still quite high, may not be suitable for those in darker environments or who want a darker screen. It is quite similar to the older UH model although monotor is a darker overshoot artefact on the new model whereas the older UH showed a pale overshoot instead. Black depth was reduced dell u2312hm monitor one would hope as dell u2312hm monitor lower the brightness control.

No dell u2312hm monitor stereo speakers on this model but it is compatible with Dell’s sound bar for some light sounds for movies if needed. There is some minimal overlapping of the text across sub-pixels as you can see in the photo which results in this blurring.

As you can see, there is a minimal deviance between the supposed colour temp mode and that actually recorded at the cooler settings. General and Office Applications.

The display settings section allows you to change the monitors aspect ratio for mobitor devices and games. Dell u2312hm monitor for larger version s.

This would be classified as excellent colour fidelity by LaCie. There was nothing really to separate the two when it comes to colour accuracy and out of monutor box performance and the dell u2312hm monitor responsiveness was also very similar. For further information and tests dsll a high end professional grade screen with hardware LUT calibration, you may want to have a read of our NEC SpectraView Reference review.

A reasonable performance in terms of default colour accuracy from dell u2312hm monitor UHM and only a little behind the competition really.