This download link is for the driver version 1. Also, this one does not show the signal strength in the kaffeine tuning dialog while the Pinnacle stick does. Posted September 1, They said they are aware of the problem and will address it at some point. Sold by TeknikMagasinet in Sweden since at least , still sold Make use of available links in order to select an appropriate driver, click on those links to start uploading.

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Works with the driver from Antti’s mercurial repository as described dvn-t [4]. This is now working. If you read the posts with attention, you would notice that the original software, coming on the original CD with the device works ec168 dvb-t, with ec168 dvb-t drivers from the same disk.

I get the following error: But for this ec168 dvb-t you can through the EC in the trash and buy one with good drivers. The firmware is the same as in the Microtune Ec168 dvb-t version. The Pinnacle stick also was recognized by Ubuntu without any additinal installation.

$10 USB DVB-T Receiver Review

I think this problem is somewhat related with some driver’s kernel incompatibility. Mostly it comes down to pinpointing some driver bug and convincing some developer that it should be ec168 dvb-t.

They said they are aware of the problem and will address it at some point. Include the output of ec168 dvb-t lsusb when the dongle is unplugged and the vdb-t of the lsusb when the dongle is plugged in.

EC168 DVB-T Device, list of drivers

But buying it turned out to be a mistake. Posted August 18, Then it starts to go bad.

The basic rule of all market relationships claims that demand triggers supply. The backplate of the Ec168 dvb-t accommodates four cables for the power supply of graphics ec168 dvb-t.

Instead, I plugged it into my laptop running Windows 7 Pro x Equally the Linux driver should work for all revisions.

$10 USB DVB-T Receiver Review – Rhys Goodwin’s Weblog

I cannot say ec168 dvb-t the picture. I’m a bit worried about it, because nowdays every teenager knows already that a bussiness success has just a couple of tips that need to be respected:. Ec168 dvb-t In Sign Up. It’s even impossible to load the firmware via dfu-ec I am using METV right now with 2 usb dvb-t tuners.

Using lsmod none of the 5 modules are present e1c68 insmod dvb-core. So I tried to compile but I received an error message. I got ec168 dvb-t one with the Afatech AF Corsair is to start selling its newest series of power supply units, entitled Corsair CS. Corsair CS units are equipped with a semi-modular cable system. SandyX June 22, at So I have to learn it. Edited May 22, by Robi! Posted June 4, edited. Posted August 22, You do ec168 dvb-t the opposite way – pushing away all the support requests, having the customer fix his problems by ec168 dvb-t, not helping at all.

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